YAI Piano II, Spring 2020

Bach Minuet in G Major:

Clair De Lune:

Mozart Sonata in C major:

Whole Steps and Half Steps Worksheet:

Accidentals Worksheet:

Muir Woods – Andrew Wilcox

Follow You – Erica T. Bryan (Features Mike on Piano):

Rondo alla Turca – Mozart (Gotta put in a classic repertoire piece):

Gymnopedie No. 1 – Erik Satie
It’s a classic and is featured in a few different video games, movies, etc.

Etude No. 10 (The Black Key Etude) – Fredric Chopin:

Etude No. 16 – Phillip Glass:

The Beethoven Symphony 7 mvt. 3

Keith Jarrett performing Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Stevie Wonder and his band playing Spain (Chick Corea)

Tempo Worksheet: CLICK HERE