Handicap Accessibility

Handicap Accessibility

Both our historic Sanctuary and Gallery are handicap accessible.

The parking lot behind Charter Oak allows for handicap drop off ONLY.

Its best to call 860.310.2580 during regular office hours before attending an event so that our House Manager can be sure to unlock the ramp door.

Sanctuary access

There is a ramp located behind the building that is accessible by entering the driveway to the right of the building and pressing the green button if the parking barrier is down. Extended parking is not available in this lot. Please let Charter Oak staff know ahead of time if you will need handicap access to the Sanctuary. There is no direct handicap access to the Gallery from the Sanctuary and the building is not equipped with an elevator.

Gallery Access

From the street, go to the red door on the right side of the building and ring the doorbell for access.

There is no handicap access to the Sanctuary from the Gallery and the building is not currently equipped with an elevator.