“The Lure of the Litchfield Hills” in the Charter Oak Gallery

The hills of Northwestern Connecticut and its simple, natural beauty are the inspiration for a new show featuring five female artists from the Northwest Hills.

“The Lure of the Litchfield Hills” features work by Kay Wall, Norma B. Pappalardo, Lucille Delaney, MJ Budzyn and Germaine Lemieux. These artists – all northwestern Connecticut residents – explore the everyday wonders of the Connecticut landscape and, by extension, the lives of the people who inhabit it.

“It is my hope to instill in the minds and hearts of the viewer a reverence for nature and a desire to protect and preserve our everlasting values,” artist Germaine Lemieux said of her work.

The show’s artists embody this reverence for nature, while also drawing from the personal and the intimate in their work.

“I believe we are the sum total of our all our life experiences,” says Norma Pappalardo, one of the artists included in the show, “and of the people who came before us and touched our lives in ways we can only imagine.”

“The Lure of the Litchfield Hills” offers viewers a serene and thoughtful visual journey through the landscape of northwestern Connecticut and is a reminder of the importance of preserving that landscape.


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