#MyAmericaIs Video Project

#MyAmericaIs Video Project

myamerica is

Amidst all of the controversy and turmoil we have experienced in the course of this election, we are still a nation of freedom and unity. While hatred is an easy path to take, we encourage you to join us on the road less traveled. Let’s remember the reasons why we love this country. Let’s band together and spread love to one another, remembering our purpose and what makes America the land of opportunity. We are a nation of dreamers, open-hearted believers, who won’t back down from making real the American Dream.

Help spread this message and bring love back into the United States of America, Land of the Free.



1. Make a short video, finishing the sentence, “My America is…,” expressing what our country means to you. (For Example:  My America is… inclusive.)

2. Post your video on social media. Use the hashtag #MyAmericaIs, so that others can find your video. 

3. Challenge others to do the same. Think “The Ice Bucket Challenge.” Encourage people to raise their voice!

4. Share your video with us! Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!


We can’t wait to see your videos and your incredible vision of America!