Charter Oak Cultural Center is a nonprofit, multicultural arts center and historic landmark whose mission is to do the work of social justice through the arts in the Hartford metropolitan area and beyond.


To harness the power of the arts to create a truly equitable, just society, in which all are given the fertile soil in which to grow into their best selves.


    We believe that ….

    • Everyone is endowed with unique gifts that need and deserve to be cultivated.
    • The arts are a human right, not a luxury.
    • The arts can be a powerful vehicle for positive social change.
    • Justice and equity benefit everyone.
    • The arts support academic success, emotional growth, feelings of joy, confidence and overall well-being.


    • To do the work of social justice through the arts
    • To provide wide access to the magic of the arts for all, regardless of income
    •  To celebrate the heritage of our historic building as the oldest synagogue in Connecticut and to preserve it in perpetuity
    • To help ensure a vibrant, dynamic, and caring Hartford community
    • To invest in Hartford’s youth, enabling them to experience the power of the arts

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