March 2024 Student of the Month: Jaelie Lanier

by | Apr 11, 2024

Jaelie is in 11th grade at Rockville High School she is 16 years old

Jaelie has been attending Charter Oak for over 2 years. She has taken Cooking, Salsa Dance, Poetry, Painting and drawing and is currently in Brass Band where she plays the Clarinet. 

Last year she was playing the flute, her teacher guided her to the clarinet. She is learning to read music and play notes.  

Jaelie often comes to class after a full day of school and she tries to leave the day behind and enter Charter oak with ‘Brave mind’ especially when she has had a bad day.  

One of Jaelie’s favorite memories is dancing to Nicki Minaj and she entered and preformed in a talent show at school singing a favorite Nicki Minaj song!

Jaelie likes to make up her own songs on the clarinet. She loves to improvise and make music that goes along with how she is feeling. 

In School Jaelie reports a love of English class since she has taken poetry at Charter oak. She has gotten A’s in English since she has taken poetry and reports that taking the poetry class has opened her vocabulary. 

Jaelie was an only child most of her life, but in 2021 her baby sister has change that!  Jaelie is devoted to her sister and loves making arts and crafts projects with her and 

Some of her favorite things to do is work at JC Penny where she enjoys helping customers, write in her journal and play with her baby sister. 

Jaelie loves to mentor that younger students in class with her helping them makes her happy.  She enjoys helping others and making them feel safe.

Jaelie is planning to attend college after High School and she knows music and dance will always be in her life.  

Jaelie’s mom is happy to be able to be part of the “Charter Oak Family” they attend many of the family programs and parties. They also benefit from the To Assure Us zoom workshops for our families, that span many important topics.  

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