Learning To Repair The World

Learning To Repair The World

June 24th through June 28th, 2019

Learning to Repair the World is an exciting one week summer program designed to give Jewish, Muslim and Christian high school students the opportunity to get to know each other as they do hands-on social justice work in Hartford, explore local and more global social justice issues and work together on a multi-media arts project, encompassing visual arts, written word, music, video, etc. The program is comprised of 5 components:

1) Morning placement in a non-profit organization or community group, to help further their work of aiding the city and its residents

2) Early afternoon group meetings with community leaders to discuss challenges in Hartford and more global social justice issues.

3) Late afternoon work on a group multi-media arts project to be presented at end of the program

4) A day-long weekend multi-media arts workshop. (Accommodations will be made for those who are Shomrei Shabbat)

5) Pot luck dinner and opening reception celebrating the art installation created by the students

2019 Registration: $199.00. For more information, email BrennaH@charteroakcenter.org or call 860.310.2580

See below for our 2019 brochure!