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Virtual Art Exhibit – JERUSALEM Between Heaven and earth

Charter Oak Cultural Center presents a virtual exhibit

An Exhibition by Jewish Art Salon

This exhibit was assembled by Jewish Art Salon for the 3rd Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art

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Did you miss our virtual gallery opening with remarks by curator Dr. Ori Soltes? You can view it here:

Exhibit Statement from Jerusalem Biennale Founder Rami Ozeri:

The Jerusalem Biennale provides a stage for professional artists – from secular to ultra-Orthodox – who refer in their artwork to Jewish thought, spirit, tradition or experience. The Biennale will throw the spotlight onto the concept of watershed, examining it from a literal, metaphorical and even historical perspective. The theme finds its expression in issues as varied as Jewish identity, immigration and refugees, alongside watershed moments in history.

Artistic Statement from Jewish Art Salon Guest Curator Ori Z. Soltes:

A watershed yields a branching, be it of physical terrain, historical events or spiritual and aesthetic concepts. Such an idea is particularly powerful in conjunction with the city of Jerusalem. The exhibit arc encompasses multiple divergences that begin with and come back to the geological topography of Jerusalem. That topography—an outcropping of land from the Judaean plain, surrounded by valleys on three sides, offers a symbolic statement of how the spiritual foundations of Jerusalem branch in three Abrahamic directions, how multiple spiritual ramifications, legalistic and mystical, have flowed in diverse streams, and yields watersheds of aesthetic and political questions, both historical and contemporary.

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