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THE SPIRIT OF TEXTILE – The Fiber Art of Linda F. Martin and Pierre Sylvain


The Fiber Art of Linda F. Martin and Pierre Sylvain

Charter Oak Cultural Center celebrates the beauty of textile art with a duo show by Connecticut-based artists Linda F. Martin and Pierre Sylvain.
FREE and open to the everyone!

On view Monday-Friday 10am to 2pm through January 13 (closed Dec 23-Jan 2).



Born and nurtured in Hartford, Conn, I learned to use a sewing machine while in grade school. I have always appreciated fabric textures, colors and designs and throughout the years I enjoyed modifying my clothing and decorating my home walls and furniture. After a successful career as an Education Administrator for the state of Connecticut, I started my first quilt early in 2010 while participating in a quilting session offered by the Hartford Stage in connection with the play Gee’s Bend. I have found my “voice” in Collage Fiber Art. In the process of creating images by fusing fabric colors and designs, I engage the viewer in a conversation about my quilts. I am able to speak to the viewers by expressing who I am, where I come from, what I see and where I am going. I am grateful for the “conversation” and the opportunity to “Lift up the Gift”. Since beginning this journey in 2012, several pieces of my artwork have won awards, are included in virtual and traveling exhibits, been recognized in publications, have hung in group and solo exhibits as well as in private collections. I am gifted daily by opportunities to explore and create and my artwork has allowed me to cultivate my life-long love for the arts and the creative process. My artwork is a means for me to connect who I am with where I come from, what I see and where I am going. Learn and see more at:



Pierre is a self-taught multi media artist represented throughout the country in both solo and group shows. He works with different mediums including paintings, tile, stained glass, textile, and found objects and has been recognized publicly for his advocacy and impact reflecting current social issues. Pierre is the Gallery Director and Curator for the Charter Oak Cultural Center, serving the mission of elevating the importance of art in healing society by providing access to highly skilled artists and students who may otherwise not have easy access and visibility in the greater community. Pierre’s art wins awards and is most recognized for how the art makes people feel, and brings communities together. He was the recipient of the Middletown Art Advocacy Award.

His work are in private and public collections such as:

Wesleyan University, Middletown CT
Charter Oak Cultural Center, Hartford CT
Middletown Town Hall, Middletown CT
Russell library, Middletown CT
Body Connect Health & Wellness, Washington DC

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