In the Gallery

The Wondrous Art of MARIA MATRONE: Virtual Exhibit & Gallery Talk


Join us for a FREE Virtual Gallery Talk with artist Maria Matrone and Katie Hanley on Thursday, April 21 at 6:30pm EST. To register, CLICK HERE.

About Maria Matrone


Born in Las Vegas in 1991, Maria Matrone has enjoyed a lifelong love of art and music.  Maria expressed herself through art in her own unique way during her school years.  Upon graduation, Maria created and sold her art pieces at a local art collective for artists with disabilities at Studio 810 in Las Vegas.  Maria’s physical challenges due to Cerebral Palsy do not keep her from creating the most beautiful abstract pieces. Maria uses her eyes to communicate through her Tobii Dynavox speech generating program. Maria’s traditional art shifted into creating more digital pieces by using eyegaze technology on her Tobii Dynavox. When Covid-19 hit and Studio 810 had to close, Maria created an impressive collection of 400+ pieces entirely with her eye movements on Art Rage. Technology today has helped open a whole new realm in creating art for Maria which is her passion.

About Katie Hanley


Katie Hanley is a Hartford resident who has been an ally to the disability community for as long as she can remember, and an advocate for access to the arts ever since she was introduced to Charter Oak over a decade ago.