SHAM ELECTIONS & INSTAGRAM STRONGMEN – A Virtual Lecture with Dr. Christopher Vials

Sham Elections and Instagram Strongmen:  The Faces of Twenty-First Century Authoritarianism

A Virtual Lecture with UCONN Professor Christopher Vials

From the Handmaid’s Tale to Man in the High Castle, popular narratives of dystopian states often imagine them as “totalitarian,” wherein the state regiments every aspect of everyday life in revolutionary and unfamiliar ways.  But contemporary examples of authoritarianism from around the world today paint a more subtle picture.  As abundant cases from the twenty-first century show, authoritarianism can be phased in quite gradually,.  Alongside a growing brutality, certain areas of daily life in authoritarian political cultures can feel much the same as they did before for much of the population.  This talk will highlight different frameworks that scholars have provided for thinking about authoritarianism from around the world today and how authoritarianism is experienced by those who are forced to endure it.  It will also address when and where the term “fascism” is applicable, and how fascism still drives authoritarian politics.

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Chris Vials is a Professor of English at the University of Connecticut-Storrs and an affiliate faculty member in American Studies.  Over the last ten years, his work has primarily focused on fascist and antifascist currents in the United States.  He is the author of Haunted by Hitler: Liberals, the Left, and the Fight against Fascism in the United States and, with Bill Mullen, The U.S. Antifascism Reader.  He has appeared on PBS, NPR, CBC radio, among other media venues, to discuss the rise of fascism in the United States.

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