Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz Justice Institute Virtual Lecture: “The Memory and Legacy of Las Hermanas”

Thursday, May 30 at 6:30pm via Zoom

In this talk, Doctoral candidate Amirah Orozco will shed light on the history of the organization of Latina Catholic women known as Las Hermanas and their importance for contemporary thinkers. Founded in 1971, the organization was named by scholar Lara Medina as “the first national religious-political organization of Chicana and Latina Roman Catholics in the United States.” Las Hermanas’s status as a religious-political organization made them unique in both formal church settings and in the social movements they were a part of. Orozco will highlight select episodes in the history of the organization to then be able to relate their theological vision to the work of contemporary Latina feminist theologians. Ada Maria Isasi-Díaz plays a key role in this narrative as a major bridge builder between the life of the church, social movements, and academic theology. This talk is part of our Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz Justice Institute. To learn more about the Institute, please click here. 

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Amirah Orozco is a PhD student in the Theology Department at the University of Notre Dame with a subdiscipline of Systematic Theology and a minor in Gender Studies. She is originally from the Border between El Paso, Texas and Juárez, Chihuahua. She comes to academic Theology through questions of liberation and emancipation of the poor and marginalized. She is most interested in feminist as well as decolonial theologies. Her doctoral research here at Notre Dame will focus on feminist movements in the Catholic Church and how they relate to social movements outside of the Church and why that relationship is important to understanding the role of the Church in public life.

This event is supported by CT HUMANITIES. Presented in collaboration with Drew Theological School and Union Theological Seminary.

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