In the Gallery

In our Gallery: ENTANGLED & INGESTED: The Art of Katharine A. Owens, PhD

On view through November 3
Tuesday through Friday; 10am to 2pm
FREE and Open to All
Plastic is an environmentally destructive substance that since the late 1950s has become an inescapable part of our daily lives. I research the environmental impact of plastics, training communities to collect it on shorelines and report the results to local policymakers. As an interdisciplinary researcher and artist, I’m both obsessed with and revolted by plastic. Entangled and Ingested (Laist 1997) is a series of forty-six life-sized portraits of species harmed by plastic pollution, created by hand-sewing unrecyclable film plastic onto canvas. Pieces over eighteen feet are created collaboratively with the public. The Entangled and Ingested project traces the ways film plastics inundate our lives, linking these creatures to our limitless consumption and us to their survival.
Dr. Katharine Owens is a Professor in the Department of Politics, Economics, and International Studies and Director of the University Interdisciplinary Studies program at the University of Hartford. She is a National Geographic Explorer whose work has been supported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Fulbright Nehru program, and the Connecticut Office of the Arts. She is an environmental policy researcher and interdisciplinary scholar who seeks to merge science, policy, and the arts on the topic of global plastic pollution.