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HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH – Virtual Exhibition of Paintings by Jacques Sterenberg

Charter Oak Cultural Center is delighted to present HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH, a special virtual exhibit of Israeli landscapes by Israel-based painter Jacques Sterenberg. To view the paintings, click through the gallery below. To see a larger version, click directly on the image.

To read the Artist’s Statement, CLICK HERE.


About the Artist

Jacques Sterenberg lives and works in Israel. Born in Lima-Peru, he moved to Chile with his family at an early age, where he grew up and studied art. His academic training at the School of Fine Arts of the University of Chile. He was involved in the Chilean Artistic Movement since the 1980s; exhibitions in art galleries, Urban art spaces, Biennials.

The work begins to receive recognition and his painting receives several international and national art awards. In the 1990s he obtained a Scholarship for Artists of Excellence in Israel. Upon his arrival, he began exhibiting in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and plowing the country, which involved him in the Israeli art scene.

Between the years 98-99 he lived and worked in NY, the city where he has been involved until now. Sterenberg received several Awards and Scholarships including from the Jerusalem Post Fund and The America Israel League. His work expresses the feelings and impressions of the places he has lived and visited in a very colorful and powerful way.

His paintings are present in art collections in Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, the United States, Hong Kong, Jordan, Croatia, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, Israel.

According to Sterenberg, “Painting is part of my life’s journey in each and every moment that goes by. As far as I can remember, Art has always been present in my life. I develop my paintings in series, which enables me to research and go deeper into the color, the composition, and the psychological nature of the human figures and the landscapes. The color is based on almost anti-natural, intense colors: colder blues and greens, warmer reds, and yellows. In this way, I create strong and powerful chromatic juxtapositions in balanced harmonies.

The facial features and expressions are insinuated, which allows me to delve into my models’ psychology. They are characters whose look is observing and who establish an intense contact with the viewer.

For me, the beginning of the painting process is like a sunrise: layers of juxtaposed colors, one over the other on the canvas; like the sun, rising towards noon, shaping the lines and colors of our environment and defining them in each layer until reaching the sublime moment of decision that the Painting has been completed.”

Learn more or inquire about purchasing art by visiting his website or his Facebook page.

This exhibition is part of the 15th Annual Celebration of Jewish Arts & Cultural at Charter Oak Cultural Center.