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“Love, Justice & Peace” – An Art Exhibition of New Work by Pierre Sylvain

LOVE, JUSTICE & PEACE – An Art Exhibit of New Work by Pierre Sylvain

REVISED GALLERY HOURS: The exhibition is on view Mondays through Wednesdays from 9am to 2pm through October 8. Please ring the bell and enter through our lower entrance (the red door in the courtyard).


Pierre Sylvain states, “The series of six 4’x8′ paintings is titled – Love, Justice & Peace.  l have been working on this series during the pandemic. It was a way for me to reflect, process, and respond to what’s going in our lives. In the process of making those paintings, l found we have more in common than what divides us.”


“I’m a self-taught painter, mixed media, sculptor, textile and mosaic artist. In my work, I like to refer to culture and history in pictures. I use my work to open a dialogue about how we are affected by this world we are living in. My intention is to create a series of paintings that engage your mind and your spirit. I also work with Mosaic to bring and age old craft into a contemporary light.”

To learn more, visit To see our virtual exhibit of Pierre’s stunning mosaics, click here.