Rabbi Donna Berman, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Direct Dial: 860.310.2584 or 860.310.2580 Ext. 1003

Laurie Leader
Business Manager, Direct Dial: 860.310.2583 or 860.310.2580 Ext. 1002

Susan Mazer
Director of Music Programs, Direct Dial: 860.310.2590 or 860.310.2580 Ext. 1009

Jacques Lamarre
Marketing and Programming Consultant, 860.953.0444 Ext. 101

Erica Willis
Grants Writer and Development Assistant

Brenna Harvey
YAI Assistant and Families Coordinator, Direct Dial: 860.310.2593 or 860.310.2580 Ext. 1012

Meenu Sharma
Beat of the Street Volunteer, Direct Dial: 860.310.2591 or 860.310.2580 Ext. 1010

Raul Santiago
Facility Manager

Stacey Queen
House Manager

Steve Yenke
House Manager

Karl Messerschmidt
Technical Director