Rabbi Donna Berman, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Direct Dial: 860.310.2584 or 860.310.2580 Ext. 1003

Laurie Leader
Managing Director, Direct Dial: 860.310.2583 or 860.310.2580 Ext. 1002

Susan Mazer
Youth Arts Institute Director, Direct Dial: 860.310.2590 or 860.310.2580 Ext. 1009

Brenna Harvey
YAI Assistant and Families Coordinator, Direct Dial: 860.310.2593 or 860.310.2580 Ext. 1012

Catherine Santiago
Events Manager, Direct Dial: 860.310.2586 or 860.310.2580 ext. 1005

Jacques Lamarre
Marketing and Programming Consultant, 860.953.0444 Ext. 101

Erica Willis
Grants Coordinator

Administrative Assistant, 860.310.2588, 860.310.2580 ext. 1007

Meenu Sharma
Beat of the Street Volunteer, Direct Dial: 860.310.2591 or 860.310.2580 Ext. 1010

Raul Santiago
Facilities Coordinator

Tianna Glass-Tripp, Orice Jenkins, Steve Yenke, Jenny Brown
House Managers

Mark Naberschnig
Technical Director