Charter Oak’s Music Matters program, featured on WFSB

by | Sep 14, 2020

“Unlike sports, everyone’s in the game. When you have a band or an ensemble, all the kids are needed. You don’t say, ‘You clarinet, go sit over here while you wait for these clarinets to play.’ Everybody’s in the game so I think music’s special in that way, when you’re in a band that every part matters.”

Marvin McNeal, Music Matters instructor 

“They feel more empowered, their whole personality is changed after going through this program. It’s a leadership program disguised as a music program.”

Susan Mazer, Director of Youth Arts Institute at Charter Oak Cultural Center

“Music is the just the vehicle to, you know, learning life’s lessons. From day one, I’ve said, you’ve expressed courage already, that you’re sitting here. That you said, I’m gonna try something I haven’t tried before. And in life, basically that’s what we struggle with. We don’t take risk or we don’t try this, or a certain job… that’s usually what holds us back as people.” 

Marvin McNeal, Music Matters instructor 

Watch the story here: Learning about life through music

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