by | Nov 23, 2022

In February 2022, nine-time WNBA All-Star and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Brittney Griner was detained at an airport in Russia for possession of vape cartridges with trace amounts of medicinal cannabis. Most people arrested for such an offense are fined and released. That has not been the case for Brittney. She has been sentenced to nine years of imprisonment in a Russian penal colony, known for its harsh conditions and brutal treatment of prisoners.

Brittney is a young black, queer woman in an authoritarian regime and therefore, we fear, is at even greater risk of abuses. 

That is why Charter Oak Cultural Center is making BRING BRITTNEY BACK bumper stickers available for a donation of $3.00, to cover printing and postage. Our hope is to keep Brittney’s plight visible and encourage advocacy for her return. We hope you will donate $3 or more (see below) to show your community and the world at large that you oppose the inhumane treatment of Brittney Griner and demand that she be released to her family.

  • $3 donation = 1 bumper sticker
  • $6 donation = 2 bumper stickers
  • $9 donation = 3 bumper stickers
  • $12 donation = 4 bumper stickers

To order your BRING BRITTNEY BACK! bumper sticker(s), CLICK HERE.

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