April 2024 Student of the Month: Estelle Knurek

by | May 1, 2024

Estelle is 11 years old and is homeschooled. She has been attending Charter Oak Cultural Center for 2 years. In that time, she has taken Piano, Arts and Crafts and Violin. Currently Estelle is enjoying taking Violin for her 4th semester.  

When asked what she likes about playing violin, Estelle reports is makes her happy and she has fun playing with the class. She has fond memories learning and playing piano at Charter Oak but Violin is her favorite right now. The song that she loves to play is ‘The Man in the Mirror’ by Michael Jackson. 

Free time brings Estelle outside to jump and take photos of buildings. Her favorite fields of study is Health, especially diet, exercise. She aspires to be a surgeon or sales person. Her sales passion comes from a love of selling her own crafts to others. She makes art, jewelry and clay pieces and sells them. 

A fun fact about Estelle is that she has a passion for geography and she can identify every flag in the world!  

Estelle looks forward to studying Violin and piano she is interested in learning Accordion!  Estelle enjoys Charter Oak Cultural Center Teachers for making the lessons informative and fun! She likes the community and meeting other students. She and her family enjoy attending the showcase events and the Nomads Christmas event.  

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